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President's Message: Welcoming Public Input - Transit Style (Arlene Ellis)
Current Position on Local Government
Consensus: Position on the City Council, Adopted April 1980
Discussion Questions for Consensus Meeting
Viewpoint on KHVH
Search for Leaders
Changing the Voter Requirement for Charter Amendments
Educating the Public on Proposed Amendments
Time Restrictions on Charter Amendments
Teamsters Vote Count
Letters (Adeline Schutz)
Consensus Meeting
Letters - 2 (Barbara Kem Neff)
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Consensus Meeting


Go over consensus discussion questions found in this issue of the Voter. Also included is a discussion of the issue on the changing of the voter requirement for charter amendments, short articles on other issues, and the National League position on term limitation for members of Congress.

Members are urged to review pro-con arguments and discussions found in the February, June/July and August issues of the Aloha Voter, of this year.

Because we have so much to cover, we will need to limit discussion on each question to approximately 15 minutes. If we all give some thought to these questions, and prepare our own questions, comments and arguments beforehand, it will help expedite the deliberations.

It is important that we have as many members as possible attend the meeting. However, if you find it impossible to attend you may send your comments on each question to the League office.


The Consensus Meeting will be held:

Elks Club
2933 Kalakaua Avenue
Saturday, September 28
Registration 8:45am

The breakfast buffet will begin at 9:00am and will consist of fruit, rolls and beverages for a cost of $3.75 including tax and gratuities.

Reservations must be made by Wednesday, September 25.

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