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Educating the Public on Proposed Amendments

Our past experiences with charter amendments would indicate that greater efforts to inform and educate the public on proposed amendments are sorely needed.

The City Charter requires only that "any amendment proposed by the council or by petition be published at length in a daily newspaper of general circulation at least 45 days prior to its submission to the electors of the city at the next general election." The Charter Commission is required to "publish not less than 45 days before any election, a brief digest of the amendments or revised charter and a notice to the electorate that copies of the amendments or revised charter are available at the office of the city clerk."

Voters are entitled to all the pros and cons on the issues. If the publicity is left to interest groups, and individuals with particular interest in the issues, and to editorials in the newspapers, voters may not acquire all the information and arguments necessary to make intelligent decisions. The city government should make it its responsibility to educate the electorate on the issues, and the charter amended to require more public education.

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