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Aloha LWV of Hono.

Re: Save Diamond Head Assn.:
LWV Representative

It appears that no one representing LWV of Hono. has replaced Mildred Walstom, who replaced me many years ago, to attend the Save Diamond Head Assn. meetings when they are called.

Cynthia Marnie who is Secretary of the SDHA and active in the Outdoor Circle, called today to advise that VP Syd Synder, Architect, has called meeting for 4p.m. Thurs., 9/12. The meeting is at the New Otani Kaimana Beach Hotel, as usual, since the Manager has been participating and making the meeting room available. (President Dr. Allison Kay of U of H is out of town.) Aaron Levine retired as did his "affiliation."

The organization is very "informal." I have been sort of "self-appointed" as representative of the Kahala Community Assn. formerly and now of the East Diamond Head Assn.

The "upcoming" topic is the planned bike path.

LWV Honolulu might desire to have someone designated as "representative" for the "networking" with other organizations and for general information.

Adeline Schutz

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