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President's Message: Welcoming Public Input - Transit Style (Arlene Ellis)
Current Position on Local Government
Consensus: Position on the City Council, Adopted April 1980
Discussion Questions for Consensus Meeting
Viewpoint on KHVH
Search for Leaders
Changing the Voter Requirement for Charter Amendments
Educating the Public on Proposed Amendments
Time Restrictions on Charter Amendments
Teamsters Vote Count
Letters (Adeline Schutz)
Consensus Meeting
Letters - 2 (Barbara Kem Neff)
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Search for Leaders

April 1, 1992 is the start of League's fiscal year and the time for election of officers. We need to elect a President, Vice President and Secretary, all of whom will serve two year terms. We also need three members to be on the Nominating Committee, Directors to serve two year terms, and Committee Chairs.

Yvonne Kearns is Chair of the 1992 Nominating Committee. Please call her (261-0197) or League office (531-7448) if you would be interested in being a candidate or if you would like to suggest someone for the Nominating Committee to consider.

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