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Viewpoint on KHVH

September 16, 1991

Early this year the City Reorganization Commission appointed by the Mayor, came out with several recom-mendations for amendments to the City Charter.

We oppose the recommendation to combine the Departments of Land Utilization and General Planning. The 1973 Charter established separate departments with the intention that General Planning should focus on longer-range planning considerations and Land Utilization on specific land use decisions affecting individual projects or parcels of land. This was in reaction to the fact that the then existing single department seemed never to get around to comprehensive planning because they were constantly being called upon to do zoning. Combining them once again would put us back to square one.

As for the required qualifications of the two department heads, we strongly disagree with the Reorga-nization Commission's recommendation that "specific reference to qualifications such as years of training and type of experience should be eliminated". Instead, we think it should be strengthened to make it impossible for a political appointee and untrained person to be a Deputy for several years and use that experience to qualify as Department head, as has happened.

Most of those who have held these positions in the past 20 years have not been professionally trained and experienced planners. The present Charter's language has permitted the appointment of various kinds of engineers and political aides as Chief Planning officers, often with no formal training in the field.

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