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Letter to the Editor - Star Bulletin - 10/16/91

The following letter was sent to the Editor of the Star Bulletin in response to Ms. McKay's letter to the Editor on October 14.

October 16, 1991

Julie Tavares McKay, the City Administration's TV Producer (10/14) has serious misconceptions about the League of Women Voters. We are a non-partisan, non-profit, issue-oriented organization. From its inception, the League of Women Voters, nationally and locally, has taken strong positions on many issues other than the election process. Over the years the Honolulu League has advocated positions on controversial issues such as the City jail, increasing heights and densities downtown, proliferation of golf courses, preserving the annual Development Plan Review process and the selling of special zoning provisions at the old Aloha Motors site over which we are presently in litigation.

The League's purpose as stated in our Bylaws says: "To promote political responsibility through informed and active participation of citizens in government," and to "take action on government measures and policies in the public interest."

Toward this end, the League's axiom is "study before action" -- acquisition of political knowledge as a form of involvement preparatory to action.

League adopts issues for study through general membership agreement. Therefore, with the rail transit issue, as with other issues in which League has taken frequent and visible action, information was gathered from various sources, pro/cons made available, discus-sions held, etc. until a consensus was finally reached. As a result of the consensus, League took a position. League takes action only on those issues on which League has a position.

We study, monitor, probe, analyze, inform, lobby, initiate, educate, litigate, train, mobilize, publish, testify and advocate. We put laws on the Books. We register millions to vote. We keep politics a process for the people.

America has always depended on citizen action. And, in the League of Women Voters, citizen action is what we are all about.

Arlene Kim Ellis
and Board of Directors, LWV of Honolulu

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