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Central Oahu

In 1988 we tried very hard but very unsuccessfully to convince the Council not to change the General Plan's policy of limiting growth in Central Oahu. Though the Development Plan showed an unbuilt capacity of 7567 homes at that time, the Council decided to double this number to 14,442, and increased the land DP approved for residential. use from 763 acres to 1612.

According to DGP's current Development Plan Status Review of 9/01/91, 1472 acres -- over 90% of the 1989 total -- are still undeveloped, and 12,775 -- 89% of the homes are unbuilt. Three-fourths of these are in 4 large projects -- Mililani Mauka, with 3500 units; Waiawa Ridge, with 1375; Royal Kunia, with 2019; and Waikele with 2700.

In spite of this, the first three listed above are now asking for DP approval of another 1547 acres, more than doubling the total already approved in all Central Oahu. they want to add 9300 housing units to the 6900 unbuilt units they already have.

We totally agree with the CPO's rejection of these applications. Only a. very small proportion of the available capacity have been built. Adequate infrastructure is not available. The 1990 census data have not yet

been received and reviewed. At long last the Mayor is officially recognizing that it may have been a grave mistake to permit urbanization of such vast amounts of the island's best agricultural lands. In fact, the Mayor has proposed redesignating at least one of the three developments back to agriculture.

In the Floor draft of the Bill, the Council is giving each of the three applicants DP approval for 1000 more units. Is this what we call planning today? We cannot even dignify this with serious comment.

Rather, we urge you to restudy all the existing DP approvals in Central Oahu and rescind those that are on prime agricultural land and show no progress in implementation and are obviously being held for speculative resale. As the Mayor said in his letter of 8/12/91 in PBN, "monopolies want to sit on land .... monopoly landowners aren't interested in having their acreage reclassified 'residential' if that means immediate development as housing.. . .all the monopolists care about is controlling their land sales, making sure none move too fast to hurt profits."

We urge you not to encourage this process by approving more Central Oahu land for development at this time.

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