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Ewa Marina

We are addressing the three pending proposals for Ewa Marina. We cannot at this time support any of these proposals, based on the following:

General Plan Amendment

Essentially, what is proposed is development of a major resort facility, with a total area nearly twice that of all Waikiki. This is contrary to the General Plan's policy permitting secondary resorts only in West Beach, Kahuku, Makaha, and Laie. Is it desirable and in the public interest to encourage in the Ewa Marina area the kind of intrusive development associated with major ocean-related activities?

The proposed GP amendment presumes that this expansion of the Ewa Marina development is a part of the Secondary Urban Center in the West-Beach Makakilo area. The intention of the developer is clearly to accommodate mainland and foreign visitors. If this is so, the hotel and resort facilities of the already designated West Beach resort are available and should be used by visitors attracted to the Ewa Marina's activities -- and no new resort should be developed at Ewa Marina.

Development Plan Amendment

Eight years ago 707 acres were DP approved as Phase I of the Ewa Marina development to include 4,850 homes and apartments, a 160-acre marina, a park, and other marina related activities. The land remains undeveloped and now has a new owner, who is now essentially proposing to alter the character of the area from a residential development geared to local residents interested in boats and wanting near-by docking facilities, to a "maritime commercial center' geared to the national and international boating market, with major resort, commercial and industrial features.

This violates the GP's Economic Activity Objective B, Policy 7, which is to "manage. the development of secondary resort areas in a manner which respects existing lifestyles and the natural environment and avoids substantial increases in the cost of providing public services in the area." It is an undesirable and unwise distortion of the GP policy limiting new resort areas.

We urge that the Phase II land use amendments be delayed until substantial progress, or at the least, a definite commitment to develop Phase I in accordance-with a specified time schedule can be shown. and that when Phase II does come in again for DP approval, it be limited to such land uses as are clearly incidental to the residential uses, and designed primarily for the use of Phase I residents and other Oahu boat users.

Finally, Development Plan Special Provisions. We oppose the proposal to allow 150-foot heights for hotel and apartment uses in the Ewa Marina development. Any minor visitor accommodations permitted should be low-rise and limited to the same 60 feet as for apartments, commercial and industrial uses in all parts of Ewa except West Beach. Phase II should not be permitted at this time. After Phase I is underway, Phase II could be again initiated for DP amendment, but in a form considerably more limited -eliminating hotel and apartment uses with the number of permitted visitor accommodations sharply reduced from the 700 suggested, or eliminated entirely. For longer stays, a small rental apartment rental development already permitted in the DP-approved Phase I could meet the need.

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