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This is Our Last Chance to Keep Abortion Rights

This is Our Last Chance to Keep Abortion Rights

What Are We Going To Do About It?

The Situation

After years of shutting down clinics, elevating misogynist politicians to national prominence (including the presidency) and appointing anti-women judges, the New Right is fast approaching its goal of outlawing abortion. Already millions of teenagers and working class women do not have access to abortion facilities. The trail of blood left by Becky Bell and many like her who have recently died from back alley abortions points the way towards a future of deaths, poverty, domestic servitude and general misery for women.

Just look around: States, from coast to coast, have restricted abortion rights. Many more (like Louisiana) may follow in the near future. Last year, the Supreme Court eroded the ability of women to sue for indirect discrimination while also upholding the gag rule at federally funded clinics. With the appointment of Thomas, the Injustices will overturn Roe v. Wade, unless we force them to do otherwise...

In Wichita, the Government showed its hand by coming to the legal aid of reactionaries shutting down clinics. You can bet the Supreme Court plans to unleash Operation Oppress You by declaring injunctions against them unconstitutional. Without even considering an increase in the intensity of their campaign, abortion will be outlawed in all but a handful of states by the turn of the century.

And don't think the reactionaries will stop there. Women will face `fetal rights' campaigns, the complete elimination of affirmative action and increased governĀ¬ment attacks on single parent households. And after that- mandatory prayer in school, heightened censorship in the arts, the sterilization of welfare recipients, AIDS concentration camps....

The Only Solution

After years of pinning hopes on Congress, the Supreme Court and appeals to reason, women must now depend on themselves and all those who will unite with them to demand equality and respect.

A feeling of OUTRAGE about the escalating social and political violence against women is sweeping across the country. A broad spectrum of forces must come together quickly to tap into this resentment, serving notice to the patriarchs that they can't trample over us without a fight.


January 22nd is the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the 1973 Supreme Court decision legalizing abortion. Now it's 1992 and the U.S. Government is striking at the very heart of women's freedom: the power to control our own bodies and determine our own destinies. Enough is Enough! It's time to go on the offensive

Tuesday, January 21st

Pro-Choice Rally:

"We won't Go Back!" featuring women's oral histories from the illegal abortion era, international perspectives on reproductive freedom, and calls to pro-choice action. 12:30 pm, University of Hawai'i Campus Center Steps.

Pro-Choice Film:

Abortion: Stories from North & South an award-winning, cross-cultural documentary featuring interviews filmed in Ireland, Peru, Japan, Columbia, Thailand, and Canada that shows how abortion transcends race, religion, and social class. This international reality is a powerful statement for choice. 5:30 pm, UH Women's Center (1820 University Ave -- YWCA Bldg).

Wednesday, January 22

National Reproductive Rights Day

Pro-Choice Demonstration

"Take Back Roe v. Wade!" a counter-offensive against local and national anti-choice rallies in Honolulu and Washington DSc. calling for the overturn of Roe v. Wade and the end to safe and legal abortion. We can't afford to let one more attack on women's rights go unopposed!

3:30-6:00 pm Meet at UH Women's Center (1820 University Ave -- YWCA Bldg) at 3:00 pm for orientation and carpool Location of demonstration to be announced (call 530-9317)

National Action Called by Refuse & Resist

Sponsored locally by the UH Pro-Choice Action Group (530-9317)

Refuse & Resist-Hawaii and the UH Women's Center

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