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Action Alert


Early this year, House and Senate Committees plan to act to reauthorize the resource conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), the basic federal law governing the produc-tion and disposal of solid and hazardous wastes. We must create a political atmosphere in Congress that demands that RCRA include tough new recycling requirements and measures to reduce the generation of solid and hazardous wastes.

All members of the House and Senate need to be heavily lobbied. Please write to our senators and representatives and urge them to support: recycled content standards for products, diversion of recyclable materials from landfills and incinerators, packaging efficiency standards and container deposit legislation, toxics use reduction standards for industry, and community right-to-know legislation on toxic and hazardous chemicals.

Write members of the House to co-sponsor HR 288C, HR 3253 and HR 3939. Ask senators to support legislation similar to these bills. We need a heavy outpouring of constituent support.

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