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December General Membership Meeting
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Action Alert - Recycling
This is Our Last Chance to Keep Abortion Rights

December General Membership Meeting

Over 40 League members and friends attended the December General Membership meeting to discuss the pro-gram for 1992-93 year and to listen to Mr. Oswald Stender, a Bishop Estate trustee, and Mr. Richard Port, an active advocate for lessees, discuss the leasehold conversion issue at the Hale Koa Hotel on December 14. Copies of Our Rights, Our Lives: A guide to Women's Legal Rights in Hawaii, prepared by Hawaii Women Lawyers, and available from the Commission on the Status of Women were distributed to the women attending this meeting.

As recommended by the Honolulu Board of Dir., the group agreed that a study of ethics and campaign reform, a Honolulu committee to implement State League's program, "Revitalizing Education" in Hawaii among schools on Oahu, and an action program to implement the position Honolulu will adopt following consensus on leasehold conversion should be presented for adoption at the Annual Meeting.

The bulk of the business meeting was devoted to discussing League's present activities, answering questions from the floor, hearing members' concerns and listening to announcements from various members. Much interest was expressed in the dissolution of the LWV-Hawaii Ed. Fund and its impact on Honolulu League and the convention center litigation. Other questions involved the status of initiative, reproductive choice, etc.

Honolulu League had earlier presented the state League's Ed. committee with 50 tapes entitled "Why Do These Kids Love School" for distribution to Oahu schools. Marion Saunders needs a committee which can plan for and implement the distribution of the tapes for greatest impact.

Evelyn Bender announce that the legislature may take over the Access Room at the State Capitol which had been staffed by volunteers. The Senate and the House will each provide two bodies and so those who have volunteered their services in the past hold apply for these jobs.

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