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November 29, 1991

Dear Member of the League of Women Voters of Hawaii:

Firearm injuries are a serious health problem in the state of Hawaii. In 1990 several agencies, organizations, and individuals banded together as the Hawaii Firearms Control Coalition in order to prevent firearm injuries. A copy of the Coalition's mission statement is enclosed, along with a list of members and supporters.

The Coalition's main focus during last year's legislative session was to control assault firearms. Members of the Coalition spoke at countless community meetings about the dangers of these weapons, they lobbied at the Capitol, and they testified at the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on the assault firearms bill. Many of you joined us, and we thank you. Although we raised great awareness about the issue, and came very close to success, the bill was blocked from passage by a lone committee chairman.

This year we are again pushing for protection from assault firearms, but we are also widening our scope. Firearm registration, firearm safety and responsibility, and confiscation of firearms from criminals are some of the other subjects that we are now addressing.

The Coalition needs your support. If you agree that reasonable firearms controls are essential for our community, and if you can help out in any of the ways listed below, please join us. And kindly pass this message along to any of your friends who may be interested. We need all the help we can get to protect our community from the improper use of firearms.

Please let us know your interest by calling 235-4222 or by sending the attached response form. Thank you very much for your help.

Nadine Onodera


Emergency Nurses Association GRIEF (Gun Responsibility in Every Family)
Handgun Control Inc. Hawaii Council of Churches
Hawaii Public Health Association Hawaii State Department of Health
Hawaii Youth Services Network (representing 27 agencies) Honolulu Police Department
League of Women Voters of Hawaii Parents of Murdered Children
Department of Emergency Medical Services, Kapiolani Community College
Injury Prevention Advisory Committee, Governor's Conference on Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
Public Policy Program of the Roman Catholic Diocese



Please check all the statements below that you can do.

I would like to become a supporter of the Hawaii Firearms Control coalition.

You may list my name as a supporter in Coalition advertisements mailings.

I will work to gain support for the Coalition from other organizations that I belong to (e.g. by distributing copies of this letter to organization members, by obtaining letters of support from the organization).

I am willing to speak on firearms controls to community groups.

I am willing to testify on firearms controls at legislative hearings. I am willing to write letters to newspapers and/or legislators in support of firearms control.

I am willing to attend meetings and hearings, though I may not wish to be a primary speaker.

I wish to participate in some other way that I have described below (e.g., graphic design for advertisements, video or audio production, printing, technical expertise on firearms)

Please return to: Nadine Onodera 46-217 Lilipuna Rd Kaneohe, HI 96744

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