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The jury is still out on 1991, but for Oahu the year just continued the island's regression to unplanned, developer-driven projects and destruction of its carefully designed planning process.

Here are a few of 1991's disasters:

  1. In the Annual Development Review process almost all the applicants got what they wanted. Included were 3 huge additional Central Oahu urbanization proposals and several additional golf courses. To his credit, Mayor Fasi vetoed these. The Council is expected to override the vetoes.

  2. Though a bill to regulate new golf courses was finally passed, it provides no guidelines as to how many should be allowed and where they can go, leaving case by case consideration of golf course proposals without regard for their accumulated impacts.

  3. In both the City's Master Plan for Waikiki and the Concept Plans developed by the private vision 2020 group, the central problem of how to reduce, or at least not increase, the density permitted in this already over-crowded area is not faced.

  4. The City's Director of Land Utilization announced that as of January 1st, he will process Waikiki development applications which meet DLU guidelines. The new Waikiki Master Plan, however, is still being formulated and has not yet been adopted by the City Council.

In these and many other instances, we are continuing to move away from planning by laws applicable to all, to making negotiated deals with favored developers on a case by case basis. Are we going to see more of the same in 1992?

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