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Vote Count

1991 proved to be a vote count bonanza. Working on 9 elections starting with the new account with Oahu One FCU, and continuing with the Pearl Harbor FCU, Hawaiian Tel FCU, Hawaii Government Employees Association, the huge Neighborhood board Election, Local 5 Special election, the Carpenters special election, Unity House special election, and ending with the Teamsters election of officers, the League spent 6,523 hours utilizing 1160 volunteer help.

There will probably never be another vote count year for the League to match 1991. The Local 5 and Carpenters elections for delegates as well as the Unity House labor day picnic labeling were one-time events that are not being counted on in the future.

This year started out with a bang! 48 volunteers gave up 480 hours on Saturday, January 4, 1992, to sort, check and tally approximately 4000 ballots listing 47 candidates on each ballot. In previous years, this election took 2 or more days to complete, but this year with the superlative help of the greatest bunch of people we were privileged to work with, we started at 8:00am and handed over to the Union the final tabulation and certification by 6:30pm.

Now, for more vote count news. The League of Women Voters of Honolulu has turned over to the State League the vote count for Oahu One FCU. As you all know, State League has for some time been cash-poor. The State League has existed on the per member-payment given to them by Local Leagues as well as member and corporate contributions. We felt that the State League could benefit by taking over some of our smaller accounts and share in the satisfaction of working for income, while doing a public service for organizations that need the impartiality and integrity of the League to give credibility to their election process.

However, we also are all aware that we are all members of the State League. While State Board members will be coordinating this election and for the most part, conducting this on-site election, they will need our help. The dates for the on-site election are February 10 to February 14, from 9:00am to 5:00pm at 2219 Pauoa Road (#6 bus on Alakea). It would he helpful to split each day to 9:00am-12:30pm and 12:30-5:00pm. This will mean 10 volunteers at 4 1/2 hours each. Call Romayne Karl at 262-1378 and volunteer for half of one day.

Arlene Ellis
Vote Count Coodinator

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