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National Study on Health Care Reform

A consensus meeting was held on the first phase of the Health Care Study on Saturday, January 25, 1992 in the Hawaii Medical Association Building on Beretania Street. Approximately 18 people attended and a lively discussion followed, as usual with Leaguers. Arlene Ellis, President of the Honolulu League opened the meeting and Evelyn Bender, Chairperson of the Health Study presided. Other members of the Study group were Elizabeth Adams, M.D., Dorothy Lum and Grace Furukawa.

The questions requiring consensus were:

  1. What should be the goals of a Health Care Policy in the U.S.?

  2. What should a minimum basic level of care include?

  3. What would contribute to achieving the goal of equitable distribution of health care services?

  4. What cost control methods would contribute to the efficient and economical delivery of care?

  5. In a health care system with limited resources what criteria should be used in allocating "rationing" health care services and individuals in need of care?

This local League consensus will be forwarded to National and will be considered with the consensus from all other local Leagues in the U.S. Then a National consensus will be released in the Spring, probably before the National Convention. The National consensus will be used to evaluate any health reform program in Congress.

Grace Furukawa

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