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President's Message - "Grass Tops" - Transit Style (Arlene Ellis)
Home Rule Study Moves Ahead (Jana Chang)
League's Testimony on State-County Rail Transit Dev't Agreement
Vote Count (Arlene Ellis)
League Survey
National Study on Health Care Reform (Grace Furukawa)

League Survey

The Board of Honolulu League wants to be more responsive to its members. Please take time to answer any or all the questions below, or if you prefer, phone the office with your comments. Please fold and mail with or without your signature. Thank you for your participation.

Why did you join League?

Does League today meet your needs/expectations? How? How not?

In what area(s) has League been most effective? In what area(s) has League been lacking?

What would make your membership more satisfying? What League activities appeal to you?

Would you like to be more involved in League activities? Yes No

Do you know what League activities are available to you? Yes No

I want to support League only with my membership donation. Comments/suggestions.

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