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1992 Development Plan Amendment Package

With the ink hardly dry on the 1991 Annual Development Plan Review, the 1992 package has been sent out to neighborhood boards, community organizations, and public agencies for comment by April 15. After that the Dept. of General Planning will decide on which amendments to recommend and which to reject. (The City Council can reinstate any rejected proposals if it so chooses).

Next, the Planning Commission holds public hearings on the package during the summer and submits its recommendations with findings of fact, to the City Council. In the late fall, the City Council holds public hearings, the Council's Planning Committee recommends action pro or con each proposed amendment, and the Council votes on the package by the end of the year. The Mayor then approves or vetoes the Council's actions.. The Council, by a 2/3 vote, can override the veto.

In the 1991 package, the Mayor vetoed Council approval of three large Central Oahu amendments and several golf courses which his chief planning officer had recommended against. League had strongly urged that these amendments not be approved. The Council, however by a 6 to 3 vote, over-rode his vetoes.

The 1992 package includes some proposals similar to those rejected in previous years, but also, as part of the Primary Urban Center package a number of items designed to implement the City's Master Plan for Waikiki.

These were discussed briefly at our Planning and Zoning Committee meeting Feb. 24. Various committee members will analyze them in detail and report back at our next meeting March 30, so that we can formulate our comments by April 15 as requested by the Chief Planning Officer. All League members interested in any of the proposed amendments are invited to attend the March 30 meeting.

The Mayor proposals in the package with which League is concerned are:

Common Provisions. A new DP land use category is defined - the Resort Mixed Use district. Tailored for Waikiki, this could permit. hotel !7. arid resort condominiums, apartments, housing and commercial development, predominately services and facilities for visitors. It would cover- about 2/3 of Waikiki arid combine all or parts of the present resort, apartment, commercial arid resort hotel precincts. The LUO would allow a high density FAR 3.5 in the resort mixed use precinct, which would increase densities presently allowed (1 .t3, 2.13) in significant portions of Waikiki. The resort mixed use could also be mapped in other parts of the island.

Primary Urban Center. 92/PUC-1. Would change many Waikiki land use designations from commercial, resort, apartment, park public facility and military to Resort Mixed Use (see Common Provisions above)

Special Provisions. 92/PUC-SP-2. Would increase downtown height limits from 350 ft. to 450 ft. between Merchant and Hotel and 400 ft. between Hotel and Beretania. League has consistently opposed previous proposal. to increases heights to 500 ft., which have been defeated year after year. It is understood that greater heights, if approved, will be followed by proposals to, increase FAR densities from present, maximum of 7 to 9.0 or 11.0.

92/PUC-SP-1 Ten amendments are proposed, dealing with view,.;, open space, beaches, public walkways, pedestrian circulation, public transit, etc. The boundaries of the Waikiki Special Area (District?) are expanded mauka of the Ala Wai Canal to include Ala Wai Golf course, school, and park, but not the Aloha Motor Convention Center site, as League had proposed. The previous guideline limit of 30,000 visitor units in all Waikiki is now proposed to be applied only to the proposed Resort Mixed Use areas which now have about 23,000 units permitting an increase of 7,000 units, or 30% in those areas.

Central Oahu. 92/CO-1 adds 279 acres, 2,105 dwelling units, to Castle and Cooke's Mililani Mauka project. The land is now used for pineapple production and is zoned Agricultural by the State and AG-1, Restricted Agriculture, in the City's land use (zoning) ordinance.

92/CO-2 Reconfigures land designations on 892 acres, 2,675 dwelling units, for Waianae Gentry. These were previously approved. Present zoning is AG-1, Restricted Agriculture.

92/CO-4 Adds 399 acres, 2,000 dwelling units, to Royal Kunia project. Land now is sugar cane or fallow, zoned Agricultural by the State and AG-1 Restricted Agriculture in the LUO.

92/CO-5 Adds 260 dwelling units to Mililani Mauka, phase I by predesignating from residential to Low Density Apartment. (League has long urged that more townhouses and low rise apartments be permitted instead of predominantly single family detached houses, which take a lot of land and are much more expensive.)

All these proposals except 92/CO-2 may require changes in the General Plan's population limits for Central Oahu.

EWA 92/E-2 Reconfiguration and redesignation of Ewa Marina project 535 acres including 3,560 dwelling units, including single-family and low-and medium-density apartments, marina support, and commercial uses. Last year League opposed proposal to build a large hotel, 150-foot height limits, and other commercial facilities creating, in effect, a new major resort, but the proposals were adopted. Land for some 4,500 dwelling units was DPapproved some seven years ago but not built. The project now has a new owner Haseko. Zoning at present is AG-1, Restricted Agriculture; A-2, General Agriculture; and R-5, Residential.

92/E-3 Designates 604 acres and 2,130 dwelling units for Campbell Estates Makaiwa Hills project. Present land use grazing/horses. Designed to provide housing to serve the new Secondary Urban Center at Kapolei. Present zoning AG1, AG-2, R-5. May require change in GP population limits for Ewa.

92/E-4 Reconfigure and designate additional land for 308 acres, 3,200 dwelling units (500 previously approved), for Ewa by Gentry development, to accommodate additional residential, commercial and industrial development. Present land use, sugar cane. Present zoning AG-1, AG-2, preservation, R5, (residential) and A-1 (low density apartments). May require GP population guideline change.

92/E-SP-2 Establishes a public shoreline trail and improvements between the Barbers Point Deep Drift Harbor entrance and the drainage and west of the B.P. Naval Air Station, to include preserving and improving public shoreline access, protecting shoreline dunes and vegetation, providing public parking and showers, and a public beach park.

Waianae 92/W-2 Redesignate 259 acres from Agriculture, to Park/Golf Course at Lualualei. Present zoning AG-2, General Agriculture.

92/W-3 Redesignate 182 acres from Agriculture to Residential for Maili Kai residential subdivision of 1,000 units. Soil and slope problems. Present zoning AG-2.

Koolaupgko. 92/KP-1 Redesignate 32 acres at Pali Highway entrance to Kailua from Preservation to MediumDensity Apartment and one acre Commercial, for retirement community with 400 units for housing the elderly, a nursing home, a community center, and commercial. State land use zoned for conservation and urban City zoning P-1 Restricted Preservation and P-2 General Provision. Important open space and view areas is involved, with steep slope wetland, traffic, and GP population guideline problems.

92/KP-2 Redesignate 11 acres in the heart of Kailua including pending City elderly housing project under construction from Commercial and Public Facility to Commercial Emphasis Mixed Use. Actual existing development is commercial and apartment.

Koolauloa 92/KL-l Redesignate various portions of Laie to carry out first step of long--term expansion of Brigham Young U. campus, Polynesian Cultural Center, existing hotel, parking at Laie Shopping Center, ocean front amenities, etc. Includes 450 residential and apartment units. Actual location of various elements of Plan not yet designated.

No amendments proposed for North Shore or East Honolulu.

Astrid Monson
Chair Planning & Zoning Committee

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