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from Pacific Business News, March 23, 1992

Our March 2 column described the size of the rail transit stations as being a block long and 55 feet wide. We have since obtained exact-to-scale measurements of stations planned for Kakaako and now understand why stations were taken off Ward Ave. and Kapiolani Blvd. The visual pollution on major thoroughfares would shock even the most hard-nosed believers in elevated fixed rail.

The stations will, without allowance for "future" 90 foot extensions shown in the drawings, be enclosed tubes 310 feet long with widths ranging from 30 feet at the in and out ends to 83 feet at the center.

While portions of these giant tubes will be 55 feet wide, the wider portions will visually overwhelm the narrower segments. Halekauwila St. is 30 feet curb-to-curb and Ward Ave. is 64 feet curb-to-curb. The widest point of stations slated for Halekauwila and other internal streets such as Waimanu will be almost two and one-half times the width of the streets--none of which are slated for widening by the state development agency that controls Kakaako.

Several organizations are reported to be extremely concerned about the negative visual effect of the aerial stations that will run along Nimitz Hwy. at the waterfront.

George Mason

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