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President's Message (Arlene Ellis)
Kakaako's Gentrification (George Mason)
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LWV-Honolulu Board Nominees
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LWV-Honolulu Board Nominees

Grace Furukawa - Secretary

League member since 1957. Served as secretary to the local League in late 50's and early 60's. Grace is a retired nurse and was married in 1962--had 2 children. While raising her family, she was active in promoting public and gifted education, thru PTSA and by lobbying. During her later years, until retirement in 1990, she was office manager for her husband.

Grace has been very active in the League, participating in vote counts, various study groups and is presently on the Health Study Committee.

Arlene Woo - Treasurer

In 1976 after hearing Marilyn Bornhorst talk about the "Ol' Boy" network at the City Council, Arlene joined the League of Women Voters. She became a director for the Honolulu League in 1979 and focused on public relations and the writing and recording of viewpoint on KHVH radio. Arlene served as President of LWV of Honolulu from 1982-84. Then from 1986-88, she coproduced and co-directed League's monthly cablevision production.

Currently, Arlene is working with her husband on real estate projects. Her son Chris, who used to attend League meetings as a little boy, is finishing his first year at Claremont McKenna College, and her daughter Lia is a sophomore at Punahou.

Jacqueline Vogt - Director

Jacqueline Vogt joined the League to get involved in seeking solutions to what has become Hawaii's major problem: Housing. Escalating land prices, particularly in the last 5 years, have pushed housing costs far beyond the means of our average resident. One of our largest tasks as a community in the 1990's will be balancing the need for a controlled, well-planned growth with the need for affordable homes.

She is also very interested in working toward resolving the leasehold crisis. Firmly believing in the right of all citizens to hold and own real property, Jackie feels that positive legislation to stimulate voluntary conversion at equitable prices must be enacted. Measures such as a differed rent plan must also be taken to deal with unaffordable lease rents after renegotiations. And finally, she has come to the League to discuss and hear ideas on how to deal with a newly arisen, tragic situation: Atrociously high fee offerings in voluntary conversions which give little value to the lessee's leased fee interest and expenditures for improvements to the land. In some cases the offering has nearly totally devoured the leasee's equity and made their property almost worthless. There are no easy answers to the problems of leasehold land ownership; regardless of the outcome someone is going to feel that they have been treated unfairly. But through open discussions and exchanging ideas hopefully we can come up with answers that will at least approach satisfying all involved.

Joann Green - Director

Joann had been very active in various capacities on the mainland joining League in the cities where she and her family resided. Joining the local League in the 70's she participated in different study committees.

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