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Home Rule in Hawaii
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Annual Meeting

A record 50 members met at the Honolulu Club for our Annual Membership Meeting. We enjoyed watching a room-full of gorgeous bodies going through aerobic exercises through a huge plate glass window before we finally succumbed to fatigue and convened at loam.

The membership approved the Treasurer's Report, the Budget for FY92-93 and the recommended new program addition for the year, which was: Re-examination of ethics and openness in Honolulu County Government and local campaign practices.

New Officers and Directors elected by the membership were: President - Arlene Kim Ellis,

Vice President - Jean Aoki, Secretary - Grace Furukawa, Treasurer - Arlene Woo, and Directors - Joann Green and Jacqueline Vogt.

The meeting recessed for a scrumptious lunch which was followed by and an interesting, astute insight on the machinations of government on the Federal level, as revealed by Congresswoman Patsy Mink. Mink walked through some of the Bills on - Education, Jobs, Civil Rights - notably that on Civil Rights - where 2 Republican senators from Alaska inserted obscure language into the Civil Rights Act of 1991 which in effect unjustifyably exempted the workers from Wards Cove.

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