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Good to Hear from - Mildred Walston (Mildred Walston)

Good to Hear from - Mildred Walston

--- Late in the winter I stumbled on word of the Roosevelt Neighborhood Association, and the statement that they needed someone to take on membership - so of course I volunteered! I was happy to, as I was right back in my old neighborhood where I had lived for about 30 of my 50 Seattle years. I had too much free time and was bored with it, and I don't like to get into night-time things far from home, and after 10 years on the Moiliili N.B. in Honolulu, I felt that was where I should be.

League is really busy here with a lot of irons in the fire; but with 600 members it is not too hard to get jobs filled. Everyone works of course so most things are held in the evening, which I do not like personally. Chairmen do not seem to.have any trouble getting committees filled with willing workers - 35 on the Voter Service Committee for instance.

I wasn't sorry to leave the political scene in Honolulu; but you might know, I found the situation worse here. Of course the political setup of the whole country is unbelievable now. For instance, there is not a presidential candidate that I would feel like voting for. So what does one do? To think that things would ever come to this!

Mildred Walston

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