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RE: S 250, The National Voter Registration Act

Congratulations and thanks to Leaguers throughout the country for our recent Senate victory! On May 20, the Senate passed S 250, the National Voter Registration Act, by a vote of 61-38. Action now turns to the House of Representatives and the President. S 250 may be brought up in the House as early as the week of June 8.


Contact your representative as soon as possible. Urge support for S 250, the National Voter Registration Act, when it comes to the House floor for debate.

Remind your representatives that nearly 70 million American citizens will lose their right to vote this year because they are not registered --- in large part due to inconvenient, inaccessible or discriminatory voter registration practices. Tell your representative that S 250 will facilitate voter registration for millions of citizens through "motor voter," mail and agency-based programs.

Call the White House (202-456-1111) or send a mailgram or letter urging President Bush to sign the National Voter Registration Act when it reaches his desk.

Tell the President that passage of the national motor voter bill is long overdue. Motor voter is critical to opening up a closed and inefficient voter registration system. If our government values representative democracy, this legislation must be signed into law.

Send thank-you letters to your senator/s who voted for final passage of S 250. Senators voting with us included all Democrats except Senator Ernest Hollings (SC) who voted against final passage and Senator Lloyd Bentsen (TX) who was absent. Republicans who voted for final passage were Senators Hatfield (OR), Packwood (OR), Durenberger (MN), Jeffords (VT), Specter (PA) and Kasten (WI).

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