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Voter Service

The Voter Service Committee met for the first time on June 3, 1992. Some exciting things are planned to help prepare voters for this years elections!

The goal of the committee is to boost voter registration, particularly among young people between the ages 18 and 24. Studies show that most of these people don't participate in elections. It is also true that if we are successful in getting them to vote, nearly 80% will follow through and cast ballots on election day.

Our second and equally important goal is to aid voters in making informed decisions about who they place in office. One of the main events planned to help us in achieving this goal is a primary mayoral debate or community forums.

We desperately need help in both organizing the debate, as well as assisting in the young voter registration drive.

Leaguers with a few free hours to help organize, make phone calls, do legwork or just give us an idea or two about how we can make this year's activities a success would be greatly appreciated. If you are willing to make a contribution, call Voter Service Chair Jacqueline Vogt at 488-6202 or 522-7100.

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