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President's Message

1,300 League delegates from across the nation gathered in Boston for the 5-day convention that concluded on June 17. Hawaii was represented by State Pres. Evelyn Bender and Honolulu Pres. Arlene Ellis. The members made health care reform a major component of our organization's national program at this biennial convention. The physical and financial well-being of hundreds of millions of Americans will depend on adopting a fair and effective health care system. As citizens we must be prepared to participate in the national health care debate.

In addition to health care, League members chose electoral reform, environmental protection and the right to privacy in reproductive choice as issues of emphasis for the next 2 years. A motion to adopt a not recommended new study entitled "Rebuilding the U.S. Economy, to include the following areas: 1) the role of government in long-range economic planning and education of federal funds; 2) the development of a flexible, skilled work force to meet the highly technological demands of the 21st century; 3) the transition for a military to a civilian-based economy; 4) the sustainable development of human, natural and capital resources" was narrowly defeated by 13 votes.

Ellis carried the Hawaii banner while marching through Boston with 1500 other Leaguers and supporters of abortion rights to hold a Vigil for Choice in the Union United Methodist Church. Sarah Weddington, the attorney who won the landmark 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling securing a woman's right to choose was the featured speaker who said pro-choice supporters still "have a lot of work to do.

The battle for abortion rights had not ended with Court's decision in that case."

League members discussed women and elections with Annenberg School of Communications Dean Kathleen Hall Jamieson. A panel of women elected officials, including former member of Congress Claudine Schneider of Rhode Island, former Missouri Lt. Gov. Harriet Woods, former Massachusetts Lt. Gov. Evelyn Murphy, and Oklahoma State Senator Vicki Miles-LaGrange, discussed the impact of women in election '92 and in office. Author Gail Sheehy spoke on Women and Leadership.

Becky Cain past president of LWV West Virginia was elected the 14th president of the LWVUS in the first contested presidential election since 1944 by a majority of 138 votes.

Arlene Ellis

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