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Leaguers "Running to Win" - Eve G. Anderson

State House of Representatives District 51

I have been an active community volunteer for the past 27 years. I have helped establish women's athletics at the University of Hawaii and was the first President of the Rainbow Wahine Hui and currently serve as Chair of the Board of Trustees for Kapiolani Women's & Children's Medical Center. I am also on the boards of: Waimanalo Neighborhood Board, the Sandy Beach Coalition, the National Congress of Hospital Trustees, the Hawaiian Humane Society, the Morris Animal Foundation, the Save Olomana Committee, and past board member of the Ronald McDonald House and Therapeutic Horsemanship. My campaign slogan is: "Don't Get Mad, Get Eve'n."

I'm concerned about all of the issues that are swirling around us, and very concerned with government's response, or rather lack of it -- Mt. Olomana, Camp Kailua, Save Our Bays and Beaches, Waimanalo's clean water/oceans Comm.; Statewide issues of Rail Transit and Hawaii's over-all transportation plan. What is it? Does the community really understand the choices or burdens ahead of us? What is our housing plan from this moment to perhaps the next 10 years? Health care for all is a priority. Education concerns are monumental.

I don't pick and choose the issues, I am concerned with all the problems that involve our State and I am concerned that all of our people are given an equal chance to be productive informed citizens.

We hear the suggestion that term limits and/or campaign funding restrictions are priorities to improve our representative democracy. I agree but there are always loop holes in any of these suggestions. I think we must change the habits of our legislature - such as role call votes, public hearings that are really open debate, the reduction of the all powerful and the conflict of interest of our present committee chairmen (not all of them!)

What if we ask each Department head to report annually to the people? to tell us their accomplishment, plans, problems for this year, their plan for next year, and the 5 year plan?- Maybe then the public would have a sense of understanding where their money is being spent and why. What are the priorities?

No business in town wanting to do business or is doing business with the city/state should donate anything more than $100 to a campaign. Right now many are "held hostage" by our elected leaders to donate large sums of money if they expect job contracts.

Yes, we can make a change if your elected Representative keeps the community informed and works very closely with us all. The power of the people is tremendous.

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