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Leaguers "Running to Win" - Duke Bainum

State House of Representatives District 21
Ala Wai-Waikiki

State Representative Duke Bainum, M.D. is running for re-election to the state House of Representatives. New to the Legislature in 1990, Bainum stated "Because this is such a critical time in the history of Hawaii, I will continue to fight especially hard for 'No Frills Government.' That is, a government that is more accountable, more responsible to the people of Hawaii."

Bainum has observed, "The days of double-digit economic growth are gone, and it is the Legislature's responsibility to identify and focus on the real priorities of the people we represent. I have repeatedly spoken out for the need for affordable housing-and by that I mean reasonably priced housing, and I continue to push for protecting the environment."

As Vice-Chair of the House Housing Committee, Bainum played a major role in the development and passage of the landmark Rental Housing Trust Fund as well as the development of the House Leasehold Reform bill, which, though finally stalled in the Senate, is thought by many to have contributed significantly to the recent acceleration of voluntary leasehold conversions.

Rep. Bainum has been supportive of many women's issues, including his rock-solid belief that women should have the freedom of choice. He also has worked with the League of Women Voters in the fight against the Waikiki Convention Center. Other issues of concern to Rep. Bainum include education and health care reform.

During the interim, Bainum the only physician in the legislature, continues to work in the community. He is a member of the Ala Wai Elementary School Community Based Management Council and is a director on the Board of Hawaii Special Olympics. He has served in many community organizations such as the League of Women Voters of Honolulu (former Vice President), McCully-Moiliili Neighborhood Board, Waikiki Residents Association, Waikiki Improvement Association and Hawaii Medical Association. Rep. Bainum continues to practice medicine as contract physician at Kapiolani Hospital's Sexual Abuse Treatment Center.

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