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Leaguers "Running to Win" - Lois J. Evora

State House of Representatives District 15
Hawaii Kai

Lois has been involved for many years with issues that affect women and their families. She is a volunteer and very involved with community service. She has recently been elected to serves Chair of the Hawaii -Kai Neighborhood Board which she has served for the past few years.

Graduating with an Associate degree in 1957, she has been a Federal Government Manager for 16 years, was a Legislative Assistant, Hawaii State Legislature in 1989, and a realtor, Century 21, Kahala Hale, Inc. since 1990.

Present appointments and memberships are: Board of Directors Hawaii Kai Marina Community Assoc., Board of Dir. Girl Scout Council of Hawaii, - Chair Adult Development Committee; - Vice Chair East Oahu Regional Group - 1991, member: Honolulu Board of Realtors City Affairs Committee - 1991-92; Business and Professional Women, Waikiki Organization; American Assoc. Retired Persons; Hawaii Women's Political Caucus. Past Appointments - Past Commissioner & Chair, Hawaii State Commission on the Status of Women.

"I plan to work toward: providing legislation to assure equitable lease to fee conversion; expansion of quality education - using more innovative solutions in programming with present tax dollars. I will encourage more rapid adaptation of SCBM schools of choice and local school boards... I believe with redirection and redistribution, and a limited number of new programs our schools and education system can be improved 100%; providing the best transportation system be put in place, taking us into the 2000's and beyond; release of more land for housing; the reexamination and planning for new and/or improved environmental and infrastructure legislation.

"I feel that attention to these priority issues is a must that the 15th district and the entire state will benefit - resulting in greater employment opportunities and in a stable economy. I know this will take logical and strategic planning with a delicate balance of investing and spending of our tax dollars. Because I don't want to see the ongoing trend of our young and senior citizens leaving Hawaii, I feel it is paramount to work on and solve the problems involving the above issues, now."

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