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Charter Commission
Rail Transit News (Astrid Monson)
Voter Registration
League Testifies Before the Charter Commission
Press Release - Rail
Leaguers "Running to Win" - Eve G. Anderson
Leaguers "Running to Win" - Duke Bainum
Leaguers "Running to Win" - Lois J. Evora
Leaguers "Running to Win" - Benjamin T. Hopkins
Leaguers "Running to Win" - James H. Koshi
Leaguers "Running to Win" - Barbara Marumoto
Leaguers "Running to Win" - George T. Ono
Leaguers "Running to Win" - Jane B. Tatibouet
Leaguers "Running to Win" - Cynthia Thielen
Leaguers "Running to Win" - Michael D. Wilson

Leaguers "Running to Win" - George T. Ono

State House of Representatives District 25

I am a retired Federal employee with experience in planning, programming, data collection, and management and research analysis. I was also a lecturer in management and economics; an instructor in citizenship and Japanese; and a substitute teacher. My masters degrees are from UH Manoa and the George Washington University School of Business and Public Management. In connection with work and studies, I observed the industrial and transportation facilities in Asia and Europe .

In the last four decades, a number of changes affecting all of us have taken place.

What do we need to do to provide the greatest amount of benefit for the greatest number of our people? We must: 1) Have a clear division of responsibilities among individuals, families, private organizations, and the different levels of government to cut down on non-essential activity, eliminate duplication, and improve efficiency. 2) Have individuals and families re-assume responsibility for basic needs and choices. 3) Make government more responsive to the public and the taxpayers by electing citizen legislators representing a cross-section of the population rather than professional politicians. 4) Streamline the bureaucracy and rely on market forces to guide resources into their highest and best uses by removing impediments to the free flow of resources from old-ways of achieving objectives to new ways. 5) Produce quality goods and services that end consumers will demand in global buyers' markets. Emphasize customer satisfaction. 6) Improve the quality of public education to world class standards and persuade students and their parents to take education more seriously. 7) Stress unity and cooperation by emphasizing common objectives and non-discrimination -- for or against different segments of the population. 8) Look forward to exploit future opportunities or minimize future problems rather than backward to perpetuate the status quo.

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