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Leaguers "Running to Win" - Jane B. Tatibouet

State Senate District 9 Waialae-Kahala/Palolo

I was first elected to the State House in 1990, when I ran as a Republican from the Waialae-Kahala/Waikiki area. In the House, I served on both the Education Committees, and the Health and Human Services, and Housing Committees. As part of the vocal House Republican freshman caucus, I protested the "regalization" of the Capitol, and decried the lack of real reform in the education bills that purported to be revolutionary. I was the first to publicly press for the Governor to appoint a woman to the State Supreme Court. I am pro-choice on the issue of reproductive freedom, and I introduced a resolution asking the FDA to lift its ban on RU 486 so that critical research on women's health issues would not be suppressed.

While a legislator finds many problems to confront, I chose to become particularly involved in education. "Topheavy" and "bureaucratic" have been used, quite correctly, to describe the DOE. I am a product of 16 years of public education and I firmly believe our education system can work. The system deserves priority funding, but I also know it is a tangled morass of overlapping, unworkable programs which must be reviewed, then streamlined or cut, as appropriate.

Teachers, parents and students know schools are in ill-repair, textbooks have to be shared and teachers need better training and better pay. Legislative tinkering with the language of educational policy statements in the guise of educational reform is an insult to us all.

I am outraged at the unchecked growth of our state government in the last six years from 48,600 to over 60,000 employees. Yet, during the past decade, 41,000 people have moved away from Hawaii. Government and the state payroll spiral wildly upward along with the tax burden of our citizens. The legislature can no longer fund everyone's wish list; we must set priorities and enforce them.

During the past two sessions, I introduced a measure to rescind the 1/2% GET tax for fixed rail transit. On the last night of session, I fought to separate transit funding from the state budget so that legislators would have to vote specifically on that issue.

I believe in the citizen legislator concept on which our democracy is based. To that end, I introduced term limitation legislation for two years, and have pledged to run for no more than two Senate terms. I believe in legislative service -- not legislative careers.

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