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Leaguers "Running to Win" - Michael D. Wilson

City and County of Honolulu

In 1979, Mike Wilson received his law degree from Antioch Law School in Washington D.C. and returned to his home State of Hawaii. He clerked for Judge Frank Padgett in the Hawaii Intermediate Court of Appeals. From 1981 through 1986, he was with the law firm of Hart Wolff and Wilson, starting out as an associate and ending as a partner. For the past 6 years he has specialized in litigation law as a partner in the firm of Pavey and Wilson. He has initiated legislation at the city and state levels to promote balanced development, to increase citizen involvement in government, and to protect women's rights in the workplace.

In addition to his own private practice, Mike is well-known for his volunteer work with a number of community groups. He helped to organize "ENOF", a coalition of parents concerned about proposed funding cuts for public school education. As a founding member of Sandy Beach Initiative Coalition, he represented citizens taken to court because they signed petitions to protect the Sandy Beach coastline from overdevelopment. He is a Board member of Save Our Bays and Beaches and organized an initiative to demonstrate public support for the preservation of Mt. Olomana, and legal advisor to the Save Waimalu Heights Group. He has also worked on the ad hoc Committee of the Kawainui Marsh Heritage Foundation and Ewa Beach Task Force. He was a founding member and past president of Hawaii's Thousand Friends. He has never accepted payment for the legal work done on behalf of these community organizations.

Mike believes The Time is Now for a change, and is running for the position of Mayor of the City and County of Honolulu. While he is running as a Democratic candidate, his supporters see him as the citizens' candidate. In contrast to the unresponsiveness of the current leadership, he promises to be a leader who listens. He believes the heart of Hawaii's economic strength is our environment and its protection is essential to Hawaii's economic future. The beauty of our aina, the purity of our waters and the natural majesty of our many unique resources are the backbone of Hawaii's tourism, fishing, recreation, agriculture and marine life industries.

Mike's stand on major issues: Responsive Government -- "Whether it be fixed rail, ocean pollution, or Camp Kailua, I will seek out and respect the opinions of ordinary citizens and bring them back in to city government." Development -- "Hawaii's business, especially our visitor industry, depend on the wise management of our environment. Poorly planned development, if allowed to continue, will destroy the beauty of our island and our economic prosperity. As Mayor I will work with business, labor and environmental groups to promote balanced economic growth. I will not allow the future of our local people to be sacrificed for the benefit of special economic interests." Fixed Rail --"The City's proposed $2 billion fixed rail system will be much too expensive for our overburdened taxpayers. It will serve too few people, and will barely make a dent in our traffic congestion. I will not allow our critical need for affordable housing, our human services programs, or the educational future or our children to be sacrificed for a mere 1% reduction in traffic. I propose major improvements to our bus system as a less costly and more flexible approach. We must also expand the use of rush hour contraflow lanes and other creative alternatives to improve traffic flow." Sewage Treatment -- "Our sewage system is a mess because of neglect by the City administration. The Environmental Protection Agency and the courts have found the City guilty of thousands of violations of sewage treatment and water quality standards.. Our children swim in contaminated waters. The people want an end to the dumping of hundreds of millions of gallons of raw and improperly treated sewage into the ocean. I will work to clean up the mess." Housing -- "Many people are being forced to leave Hawaii because of the shortage and high cost of housing. I am very concerned about local families being uprooted. As Mayor, one of my priorities will be to work aggressively to increase the supply of affordable housing and rentals."

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