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President's Message (Arlene Ellis)
Bus Rapid Transit vs. Rail
League Testifies - on the General Excise Tax Surcharge - 1 (Arlene Ellis)
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Oahu Silver Legislature
General Membership Meeting on Proposed Charter Amendments
Letter to the Editor (Lawrence H. Gordon)
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"Bus Rapid Transit vs. Rail"

The League of Women Voters Presents: "Bus Rapid Transit VS Rail" will be the first League presentation on OLELO, Channel 22. The program is scheduled to air every Wednesday at 5:30pm beginning September 2.

This presentation is geared to bring before the public an alternative to building rail. Transit experts have said that bus transit, when properly engineered, can achieve speeds equivalent to rail, attract as much patronage, and operate at costs similar to rail while not incurring rail's astronomical capital costs.

The example of bus rapid transit the League is using is Ottawa, Canada, about the same size as Honolulu. They started building Bus Rapid Transit in 1981. They now carry 85 million passengers a year, which is more than our bus system and not much less than projected for our rail/bus in 2005.

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