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President's Message (Arlene Ellis)
Bus Rapid Transit vs. Rail
League Testifies - on the General Excise Tax Surcharge - 1 (Arlene Ellis)
League Testifies - on the General Excise Tax Surcharge - 2 (Astrid Monson)
League Testifies - Rail
League Testifies - Resort Mixed Use
League Testifies - Annual Development Plan
Oahu Silver Legislature
General Membership Meeting on Proposed Charter Amendments
Letter to the Editor (Lawrence H. Gordon)
Education Forum

Oahu Silver Legislature

"From Grumble to Rumble: How You Can Make a Difference"

A great event is coming to Oahu for the first time ever. The formal title is "Oahu Silver Legislature." But organizers of the event have dubbed it "From Grumble to Rumble," because it's a chance for senior citizens to learn how to take real, everyday issues, or "grumbles" through the lawmaking process or "rumble" during a mock legislative session.

For those who participate (it's open to all 60+ year-olds), you'll use the State Capitol chambers for two full days, November 16 and 17. Prior to this "rumble," you can attend workshops in September and October to learn how to write bills, prepare testimony and lobby for your ideas. Best of all, many issues passed by the mock Oahu Silver Legislature will be considered by the real State Legislature in January!

Sign up now by filling out the form below and sending it to the Elderly Affairs Division, 715 S. King Street, 5th Floor, Honolulu 96813. Call 523-4545 for more information.

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