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President's Message (Arlene Ellis)
Bus Rapid Transit vs. Rail
League Testifies - on the General Excise Tax Surcharge - 1 (Arlene Ellis)
League Testifies - on the General Excise Tax Surcharge - 2 (Astrid Monson)
League Testifies - Rail
League Testifies - Resort Mixed Use
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Oahu Silver Legislature
General Membership Meeting on Proposed Charter Amendments
Letter to the Editor (Lawrence H. Gordon)
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President's Message

On July 9 we issued a press release calling for equal time and equal funding for opponents of rail transit to counter the Mayor's program shown on Channel 22 selling Rail Transit. The Mayor's program was produced and paid for by taxpayer's money.

When we were informed that the Council would be 5/4 against giving us equal time and equal funding, we met with representatives of various like-minded organizations and decided to produce our own program through OLELO, Channel 22.

Our original staff of "The League of Women Voters Presents" had dispersed and we could not locate the key persons who were originally involved with our show. OLELO had set up stringent rules for qualifying the technical staff, and the shortage of time and personnel made the task seem insurmountable. We got Board approval to revive "The League of Women Voters Presents" and approval to pay for a technical crew, if we were not able to obtain citizen contributors.

We decided to charge on ahead. Problems loomed that had to be handled simultaneously. Hire a crew. Book studio time. Book editing time. Hire a video photographer for cut-away footage and book his time. Sign up with OLELO. Decide on a program and write a script.

Never having done any of the above before, we anticipated problems, but never dreamed how many or how large. We were fortunate in getting studio and edit time (though it seemed too soon) and we booked the photographer for his one free day.

An outline was made of what we wanted the program to do and it was given to several persons to come up with a script. After several abortive attempts, we got a semblance of a working draft. For a couple of. weeks Astrid Monson spent most of her time on a bus between Kailua and the office.

We worked night and day, seven days a week, whipping the script into shape. We got cross-eyed and stoopshouldered timing video footage for use within the script. In between we called dozens of people trying to find participants or the Program. Jackie Vogt whizzed through dozens of posters making cue cards and had to take a two-day break to loosen up her fingers. Dale Evans transported her computer and printer to the office so that we could insert and delete the constant changes in the script.

Finally the day scheduled for the video footage arrived -and it rained all day. We begged and cajoled until we could get another day--and managed about 40 minutes of footage before the rain came pouring down again.

The Sunday we had the studio turned out to be another rainy day. Most of the participants had never been before a video camera so it took time to get people relaxed. Before the day was over we all experienced-excruciatingly--"hurry up and wait." We worked the technical crew right up to the last second. We breathed a sigh of relief--the program was in the can!

Untrue. The work had just begun. The editing team worked the first day from 10:15am to 11pm with two 15 minute food breaks. We went through each segment with a fine toothed comb, tightening the breaks between speeches, inserting audio, inserting video, inserting titles, cutting, adding--there seemed to be no end in sight. At 11pm we had 15 minutes completed. The editing lasted 3 days. Now, we were finished.

Then good things began happening. OLELO gave us the half-hour before the Mayor's program and the City Council. Perfect justice. Several contributions by concerned citizens were made to League to cover our costs of production. Hooray! All we need now is an audience. All's well that ends well.

Arlene Ellis

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