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Letters to the Editor - 2

To the Editor, LWV Aloha Voter

September 6, 1992

I just returned home after a month's trip and enjoyed reading the entire August Aloha Voter. As an off-island LWVH member, I found it very interesting to get all the inside info on League's work on the important issues facing Honolulu.

I also read every one of the statements of LWVH members who are running for office. They are an impressive group, of which the League should be proud. However, I was disturbed at the apparent lack of sensitivity to League's traditional non-partisanship policy.

In my 25 years of League membership, I have always cherished the thought the League supports issues, not candidates. In pursuing its Voter Service mission, League often publishes candidates' statements; however, every candidate for an office is given the same chance to have her/his views published , and all are under the same space and format limitations. I believe the Honolulu League has seriously compromised its image by publishing only the views of candidates who happen to have joined the League. I think you have some explaining to do to the public on which you depend for your credibility, not to mention your funding.

Muriel R. Roberts.

Editor's Reply

October 5, 1992

Dear Muriel:

I have been away for the past month so apologize for the delay in reply to your letter of 9/06/92.

The Aloha Voter is an in-house membership publication that is not circulated to the general public. The publication of the views of Leaguers running for office -- no matter what the office or the political affiliation was a decision made to enable all members to be aware that there are many Leaguers who. are involved in and taking part in the political process. The August/ September 1990 Voter also provided space for all League members who were running for office.

The League does not endorse candidates, as we have not endorsed those who sent us their statement on the issues. However, we do encourage our members to become involved in the political process at all levels and in all ways.

As for the format and space limitation, we enclose a copy of the letter sent to League candidates for office requesting information. We did not censor any of the material sent us and for the most part printed what was submitted.

We disagree that we have "seriously compromised our image by publishing only the views of candidates who happen to have joined the League". The purpose of a house organization is to disseminate to our membership the activities of the League and Leaguers and that is what we are trying to accomplish.

Yvonne Kearns Editor


July 17, 1992 Dear Candidate:

In our August Aloha Voter, we would like to feature all League members who are running for office in Election '92. Though we do not as an organization endorse candidates, we encourage all Leaguers to participate in partisan politics and run for office as well as become actively involved in all aspects of the political system.

Please take the time to write a few words telling us: who are, what you do, where your specific interests lie and your position on specific issues of concern as well as the office you are seeking and your party affiliation.

Please submit and mail this information by July 31 to make the deadline for the August Aloha Voter.

Yvonne Kearns
Editor, Aloha Voter

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