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Letters to the Editor - 3

September 14, 1992 Dear Editor:

The director and technical director of the original "League of Women Voters Presents" were surprised to discover through the Aloha Voter that the League President "could not locate the key persons who were originally involved" with the show. We both have maintained the same phone numbers with answering machines for seven and thirteen years respectively.

We want to congratulate the League on their successful completion of a new program and indicate our willingness to offer the benefits of our years of experience to anyone who wants to produce other shows. Unfortunately, because of other commitments in our lives, we are no longer able to make the kind of commitment needed to produce the quality show so aptly describe by Ms. Ellis.

Katherine Kocel (P.K.A. Loew), Director
Susan MacKinnon, Technical Director

To The Editor:

With reference to the letter signed by Katherine Kocel and Susan MacKinnon dated 9/18/92 we had been trying for months to contact Katherine Kocel (P.K.A. Loew). At my request, several Board members placed phone calls and left messages on the answering machine and a letter was written and sent by the Secretary of the Board -- with no response written or sent to any of the overtures (I have since been told by Katherine that she works full time, plus evenings and weekends.)

When we decided to produce the transit video, we were forced to put it together within a very short time. I was told by a member of the original LWV presents crew that the then Olelo rules demanded that only Olelo-certified persons could work on the video and that certified people could be hired to do so, including the editing -- since League didn't have anyone with those qualifications. To my knowledge, only one League member is currently taking the certification course.

The subject matter of the program we produced was such that specific expertise was necessary to write the script -- which was put together by members of the planning and transit Committee, as well as experts from outside the League.

We thank Katherine Kocel and Susan MacKinnon for their offer to help produce future shows for the League. We hope they will soon be certified to do so. We have been offered time for a weekly show on Olelo C422 but so far have been unable to commit ourselves because we do not have anyone certified or willing to do so.

Arlene Kim Ellis

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