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Letters to the Editor - 4

Good to Hear from Barbara Farwell

Dear Glendora,

My life had taken an immense turn since I left Hawaii. I did do a lot of political work to begin with, especially in the 1986 elections. And I continued to work on writing. But none of that was ever right -- it never had been, really. Anyway, to make a very long story short, I answered a call to ministry and am now an ordained Presbyterian minister. This was never anything I expected to do, although I'd been involved with church work for many years.

I went to seminary in Austin, Texas. While I was there Dave stayed behind in Colorado and taught in Denver. I did a year's internship at a church in Fort Morgan, Colorado, and then finished seminary in May with a Master of Divinity degree. I wanted to find a position in Florida, as this is where my parents live, and was able to do just that. I'm pastor of a small church in a small rural retirement town, Yankeetown. (It was settled by northerners!)

I am very satisfied with my life now, and my life in ministry. Although writing a weekly sermon will probably always be something of a struggle, I love visiting people and doing the pastoral side of ministry. (Actually, I consider everything I do pastoral, but visitation is a category in itself, of course.) My congregation is made up of mostly retired people, reflecting the area. I hope we can begin to bring in some younger people, but I know the future of the church is not up to me.

Well, I'd guess this will be a surprise for you! I haven't been involved with League since I left Hawaii, and have no plans to do so. In fact, I find politics -- with which I was so passionately involved for so long -- to be of little interest. When I think of the things I did in politics, and in the League, I can only say ... I'm a very different person now.

Barbara Farwell

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