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President's Message (Arlene Ellis)
Testimony before the Planning Commission 9/2/92 (Arlene Ellis)
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Testimony on Bill 122, Excise Tax Surcharge (Arlene Ellis)
Testimony on Bill 122, Excise Tax Surcharge - 2 (Astrid Monson)
Rail Opponents Challenged to Find Alternatives (Astrid Monson)
Letters to the Editor - 1 (Arlene Ellis)
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President's Message

After a 2½ year battle with the City Administration, big government officials, big banks, big business, big Unions, the Chamber of Commerce, big Newspapers, and the "grass tops" pro-rail organization -the League of Women Voters, other anti-rail organizations and the thousands of citizens who opposed the rail transit tax emerged victorious when the City Council on September 22 and September 30 defeated by a 5/4 vote, Bill 122 increasing the General Excise tax.

Unable to find qualified volunteers who could meet Olelo's certification standards, League paid $1,900 to put together a half-hour TV show -- albeit not slick and professional -- pointing out citizens' concerns over rail and presenting a viable alternative in "Bus Rapid Transit," successfully operating in Ottawa, Canada. We spent an additional $470 advertising our video, and $350 on tapes.

We bought 35 one-minute spots on radio KSSK for $2496 and presented viewpoints on both radio stations KHVH and KHPR. We wrote letters to the editors of both Dailies, The Sun Press and Midweek. We were given five minutes on KHET's Dialog show along with the Mayor's propaganda on rail.

Thanks to the generosity of Leaguers and concerned citizens, we were able to offset most of our expenses. League members contributed $1525 and unsolicited donations from non-members totaled $3140 in cash plus a half-page and a quarter-page ad in the "Penny Saver".

Our thanks to all those who gave their time so graciously and their money so generously. Aloha Pumehana.

Arlene Ellis

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