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Health Care Consensus
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Comparison of International Health Care Systems

Health Care Consensus

The consensus meeting for the second phase of the health care policy study will be held on Saturday, January 23, 1993 at 9:00am in the League Office.

In the first phase of the health care study, LWVUS reached consensus on desired goals and attributes for the US Health Care System. These are set forth in the LVWUS position statement (attached).

In Phase II of the study we are concerned with how to reach the goals established in Phase I, and we will look at specific proposals. The attached chart summarizes

the three main proposals for administration and financing of health care nationwide. Additional issues to be discussed include:

  1. If cost-containment is not sufficient to provide universal access to care, would we support increased taxes?

  2. Should consumers be permitted to purchase services or insurance beyond the basic minimum provided to all?

In preparation for the consensus meeting please read the following articles in this Voter.

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