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Statement before the City Council - Convention Center
Statement before the City Council - Ground-Level Mass Transit
League Testifies
Viewpoint - Convention Center
Letter to Gordon Lum (Ewa Roadway) (Arlene Ellis & Astrid Monson)
Aloha Motors Convention Center (Astrid Monson)
Ala Wai Convention Center
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Voter Service (Jacqueline Vogt)
Nominations for Honolulu LWV for 1993-94 (Jerry Hess)


Arlene Kim Ellis, president of The League of Women Voters of Honolulu was presented the Civic Leadership award for dedicated leadership on the rail transit issue by Small Business Hawaii.

Arlene spent many hours on the telephone, attending meetings, testifying at City Council, writing viewpoints and testimony, reading and studying, giving statements before the different committees on transportation in City Council, and worked on transcripts for public television and countless other things to represent the League's position on rail transit.

She also lost a lot of sleep, got leg, hand and back cramps from her hunched over position of reading, writing and studying. Many times she bellowed because she would suddenly remember she forgot to eat her dessert. One can hardly imagine but at times she became a social recluse because you could always find her at the League's office.

Arlene continues to work relentlessly no matter what the issue.

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