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Letter to Gordon Lum (Ewa Roadway)

Mr. Gordon Lum Executive Director OMPO
1164 Bishop Street, Ste. 1509
Honolulu, HI 96813

Dear Gordon:

In accordance with our conversation after the CAC meeting of 1/21/93, we are submitting our comments on the Ewa Region Highway Transportation Master Plan. As indicated at the time, we do not pretend to be traffic experts or highway engineers; our opinions are based on general planning considerations and fairly extensive study of transit policies and programs.

  1. We note that this report is based on developer's population forecasts for 1997 and 2005 which are said to be 45% and 65% higher respectively, then DGP forecasts for those years.

  2. Actually, population growth for the entire Ewa DP area was only 7,300 in the 10 years between 1980 and 1990 -from 35,709 to 42,983. Yet the Plan shows a projected 1997 population, only in the projects listed, of 94,753 and 149,258 for 1997 and 2005, respectively -- a growth of 51,800 in seven years and 54,500 more in the following eight. Growth forecast by the DGP was only 22,300 and 25,400, respectively. The Ewa Plan's 2005 projections were then said to have been adjusted downwards to make them compatible with HALL 2005 and so that the Master Plan roadway improvements would be eligible for Federal funding, but they are still 15,500 higher for 2005 than the DGP forecast.

  3. Be that as it may, our basic concern is that the entire roadway plan seems to be based on the standard trip generation and distribution models regularly used by traffic engineers for decades. "Population and employment will grow by so much, therefore so much traffic will result, therefore we have to build so many roads to take care of it."

  4. There is no mention in the Plan, as far as we can determine of trying to apply TSM or TDM measures, to say nothing of adequate bus service, to reduce the amount of automobile traffic that would be generated if existing patterns of commuting and of passengers per car, were maintained.

  5. Thus we have a Plan that, in our opinion, merely perpetuates our usual pattern of building roads to meet the traffic demand, thus increasing private automobile usage, thus requiring more roads, thus attracting more traffic, ad infinitum.

  6. We call to your attention Ottawa's basic transportation policy, adopted in the early 1970's to emphasize the strong pro-transit emphasis in the first official Plan of the regional Municipality of OttawaCarlton, namely "to give precedence to public transit on all forms of road construction or road widenings."

  7. Before the City and/or State go ahead with the $150 million 1997 Ewa roadway plan (to say nothing of 2005), we urge a re-evaluation of its basic concepts and philosophy in terms of current thinking about the automobiles and mass transit in the 1990's.


Arlene Kim Ellis, President
Astrid Monson, Transit Studies Chair

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