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League Testifies


As we testified before you on 12/8/92, we are in favor of enabling the Public Transit Authority to function more effectively. We strongly support expanding Oahu's bus system to make it more accessible, more rapid, more comfortable and more attractive to potential riders. We support adding more public and/or private express buses, the establishment of high occupancy and reverse flow lanes, dedicated bus-only lanes in peak hours, and eventually extensive bus transit ways and an island-wide bus rapid transit system.

The planning, construction, and administration of such improvement has not been undertaken by the Department of Transportation Services. It is responsible for many other aspects of the island's transportation facilities, including highways, parking, civil defense, fire and police communication, etc. The Public Transit Authority, on the other hand, is concerned only with bus transit. We think this is the basic justification for transferring to it the responsibility for planning and receiving Federal funds for bus transit improvements of the types just mentioned.

We prefer Bill 178 to 179, since we believe strongly in accountability. Though we were neutral in the creation of a Public Transit Authority, the Charter and a public vote authorized establishing it, and it now exists. We think the PTA should be given the responsibilities outlined in Bill 178 CD-1 and held fully accountable for carrying them out and developing a state-of-the-art high-speed, high-occupancy bus rapid transit system which will meet the island's needs and which our people can afford.

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