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Foreign Policy Discussion Group to be Formed
Dilemma of Long-Term Care: Can We Afford to Ignore It? (Jennifer A. Baratz)
Proposed Budget FY 1993-1994
Urgent! Help Needed for Vote Count
We the People...

Foreign Policy Discussion Group to be Formed

The Community Council of the Spark M. Matsunaga Institute for Peace is in the process of forming a foreign policy discussion group under the direction of Dr. Rhoda Miller, to begin in the fall. Participants will meet regularly, and will discuss topics such as US-Japanese trade, the Mideast situation, the crisis in Africa, the proposed NAFTA treaty, and others. Faculty from the university will be invited to join in the discussions, and participants will use materials from the Foreign Policy Association, Brown University's Study Circles, and current journal articles. Cost will be minimal, probably about $20 for the materials. If you are interested, please call Dr. Miller at 262-7467.

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