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Presidents Message [Crossroads] (Arlene Ellis)
What is Crossroads?
League Testifies on Economic Conversion
Foreign Policy Discussion Group to be Formed
Dilemma of Long-Term Care: Can We Afford to Ignore It? (Jennifer A. Baratz)
Proposed Budget FY 1993-1994
Urgent! Help Needed for Vote Count
We the People...

Presidents Message [Crossroads]

The League of Women Voters was founded 73 years ago. The League has reached the "Crossroads" where we want to examine ourselves and make an assessment of where we are, where we have been and where we want to go. The League is facing some serious challenges. We must acknowledge the need for change and engage in some very creative and courageous thinking so real solutions can emerge.

"Crossroads" is the latest in a series of attempts to modernize the League. It differs from all previous self-studies in that, true to our adherence to the grassroots concept, it seeks to involve every member and every League.

This time our collective brainstorming must make a difference. We must work together, negotiating and listening to each other to forge a new, vital and productive citizen's organization. To accomplish even the first step of our multi-step goal, we need the participation of all our members -whether leaders, participants, supporters or observers. We urge you to turn the pages of this Voter, fill in the survey, and mail it in, or better yet, come to our discussion meeting and have your say.

Arlene Ellis

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