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Dilemma of Long-Term Care: Can We Afford to Ignore It? (Jennifer A. Baratz)
Proposed Budget FY 1993-1994
Urgent! Help Needed for Vote Count
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Urgent! Help Needed for Vote Count

Last year we called for our help in vote counting only twice. It was a very lean year. This year we are making up for the long rest with four vote counts, some over-lapping each other. Yes, in vote counting it's feast or famine depending on election dates for various elections.

We have enclosed a calendar opposite the last page on which you can write in the times you can give us on specific dates. Tear the page off and mail it to us -- your name appears on the other side.

The Pearl Harbor election in March is being covered by a few old faithfuls. April is the month whose schedule provokes nightmares. Here it is:

3/31 through 4/24 - Neighborhood Board, 7th floor of City Hall

4/12 through 4/23 - Hawaiian Tele. League office

4/26 through 5/18 - HGEA, League office & final day, 888 Mililani Street

The Neighborhood Board election is going to be especially grueling. We anticipate at least 130,000 ballots plus an equal number of referendum ballots. We are not condoning the legality of the referendum on transit, but if someone must count them, we think we can do an honest job.

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