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Presidents Message [Crossroads] (Arlene Ellis)
What is Crossroads?
League Testifies on Economic Conversion
Foreign Policy Discussion Group to be Formed
Dilemma of Long-Term Care: Can We Afford to Ignore It? (Jennifer A. Baratz)
Proposed Budget FY 1993-1994
Urgent! Help Needed for Vote Count
We the People...

"We the People..."

The Department of Education is sponsoring simulated congressional hearings called "WE THE PEOPLE ... THE CITIZEN AND THE CONSTITUTION" at Oahu school sites on March 1-3.

Local high schools students are learning about their rights as American citizens by participating in this innovative program using the materials produced by the National Bicentennial Competition. Funded by the U.S. Department of Education by a act of Congress, the program is administered by the Center for Civic Education.

The culminating activity of the program is a simulated congressional hearing where students apply their knowledge about the Constitution and Bill of Rights. They prepare for their roles as experts testifying on selected constitutional issues by studying the text WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL. Developed by the Center for Civic Education, the curriculum provides a detailed examination of the history and contemporary relevance of constitutionally guaranteed rights in American society. Students testify on constitutional issues before a simulated congressional committee consisting of constitutional scholars, lawyers, and government leaders. Among these is Jacqueline Vogt representing the League of Women Voters.

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