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Letter to Roy Takumi (House Bill 767 - Toys)

March 11, 1993

The Honorable Roy Takumi
Hawaii State House of Representatives State Office Tower
235 South Beretania St. Honolulu, HI 96813

Dear Representative Takumi:

This is in response to your letter asking our support of House Bill #767, Relating to Toys.

While we are in complete agreement on the need for selecting toys for children wisely, we have doubts about the need for government legislation to discourage the buying of inappropriate toys. There is the question of the advisability of government assuming too many of the responsibilities that should be borne by individual citizens. Toys that have the potential for harming others, of course, should be banned completely.

We feel that the education of parents is the preferred method for discouraging the purchase of toys that may do psychological harm to children -- fostering aggressive and antisocial behavior. When parents stop buying such toys, manufacturer will stop making them.

We could, for example, offer a course at the high school level on responsible parenting which would include the whole field of entertainment and recreation for children. We send so many of our young adults into the world without any preparation for their responsibilities as parents that including the subject in the high school curriculum as a requirement might be worth considering.

We do commend you for taking an interest in the welfare of our children. In this increasingly complex world, they need all the help we give them.

Arlene Kim Ellis
President, LWV of Honolulu

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