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President's Message (Arlene Ellis)
Statement ... on Central Business District Height Limits
Statement ... Annual Reports on Expenditures
New Charter Planning Provisions to Be Implemented (Astrid Monson)
City's New Planning Director to Speak to League P&Z Committee (Astrid Monson)
Vote Count
Council 1993 - Washington D.C.
LWV of Hawaii Convention - May 15, 1993


We have just been informed by phone that the Commission passed a motion that Euclid Lee be hired as the Chief Monitoring Officer of the N.B. elections and that the League contracted to process the ballots. Willie Espero offered to hire 12 members of the League on an individual basis, supervised by the members of the Commission. Our answer was "NO." We are willing to process and count the ballots only if we have the complete control of the processing procedure as we have done in the past, to guarantee the secrecy of each vote and the security of all the ballots. We of course have no objection to Mr. Lee as the Chief Monitoring officer. Our price for the job would remain as contracted for in March.

Read the daily papers for the outcome.

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