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Can We Reform Our High Schools?
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Can We Reform Our High Schools?

The Hawaii Democratic Movement

"Can We Reform our High Schools?"

A Candid Discussion of What Can and Should Be Done.

You're Invited

to join Nationally Recognized Educator Dr. Mary Anne Raywid, Community & Political Leaders, Teachers, Administrators, Parents, Students, and interested Citizens.

WHEN: Saturday, July 31, 1993

WHERE: Manoa Elementary School Cafetorium
Manoa Road, just past 5 corners going to Paradise Park. Right side.

TIME: 9 a.m. to Noon

(Plenty of Free Parking, Coffee & Donuts)

You're Needed

to help explore These Possibilities:

What If... all public high schools provided a full and engaging schedule from 8 am to 5 pm?

What If... there was a greater sense of democracy and shared decision making at each school?

What If... "schools within schools" could really meet ALL the diverse needs and interests of multi-cultural student bodies?

The Hawaii Democratic Movement is a non-profit grassroots organization of progressive Democrats.

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