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Statement before the Zoning Committee of the City Council on Resolution 93-229 Modifying Resolution 90-146 FD-1, Approving Convention Center on Aloha Motors Site, on June 29, 1993

May I respectfully call your attention to our letter of May 17, 1993 to Chair Gill and Council members, in which we raise certain basic questions about this project and the appropriateness of continuing the 1990 PRU approval rather than having the developer stipulate that it is null and void and that no vested rights exist, as a pre-condition of further Council consideration of this site?

Second, may I respectfully remind you that a number of community organizations and individuals filed a suit in 1991 against First Development Company and the City, alleging that the DP and PRU process followed in 1990 were flawed, and that this suit is alive and well before the Hawaii State Supreme Court? The issues raised in that suit are in no way resolved in Resolution 93-229, which in fact exacerbates the total inadequacy of the parking facilities proposed to be provided; requires an Environmental Impact Statement if, as we are informed, part of the proposed site is publicly owned; and still proposes a density (FAR 6.5) nearly twice that permitted in the district, which we feel is clearly contrary to the intent of the PRU section of the DLU to use that process to mitigate adverse impacts.

Third, we have not testified for or against the necessity for a Convention Center, nor for or against any site, nor whether it should be built by the State, City or private agencies. We have, however, vociferously opposed excessive height, density and parking concessions whether to private developers or public agencies. We have opposed surrounding a Convention Center with several times as great ,a volume of huge commercial buildings. We have also pointed out that the costs to the community of such development privileges far out-weigh the alleged advantages of getting a "free" Convention Center.

Finally, we urge you to measure the Aloha Motors site against the planning criteria for a viable and successful Convention Center. We think that it should not be just a minor part of a vast commercial complex, that it should harmonize with the density and height regulations of the underlying zoning, that it should not increase traffic congestion at already overcrowded intersections, that it should be attractive, Hawaiian in feeling, and preferably low-rise, and that it should involve financial arrangements favorable to the public interest. We feel that neither the Aloha Motors nor the Hobron Lane site meets these criteria.

The public has not seen the currently proposed plan. We assume it will be available for extensive public scrutiny before the public hearing, if you schedule one. We will amplify our testimony at that time.

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