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Testimony before the Planning Commission on Ewa Marina Zone Change Request - 92/Z-15(RY), June 30, 1993

At the DP Hearing we raised a number of questions about the project including our concern that it would mean a major commercial complex in place of the original concept of a water-oriented residential community. However, last year both the General Plan and the Development Plan were changed to accommodate a large resort including a hotel with some 900 rooms.

We feel that the pending ordinance should however be deferred until the questions raised in the 1992 DP report are satisfactorily settled. These included:

  1. The Navy is concerned about the resulting movement of sand. (This may have been resolved by the Army Corp of Engineer's report).

  2. The State Department of Transportation wants a traffic study.

  3. The State Health Department is concerned about wastewater, sewerage, water and other problems.

  4. Both the State and Housing agencies are concerned about the affordable housing component.

  5. DLNR is concerned about aquatic resource impacts and potential contaminants.

  6. The Department of Education foresees a severe enrollment impact on existing schools in the area.

  7. The police department noted the need for additional police protection.

  8. The Department of Parks and Recreation recommended denial of the application because of the issue of providing public parks.

  9. Community groups expressed opposition to development of hotel and resort uses in conjunction with the project.

The DGP's July analysis elaborated a number of unresolved issues -- affordable housing, wastewater treatment and disposal, water, transportation, public access to the shoreline areas, and concentration of intensive land uses which would significantly impact public view corridors and open space and would conflict with DP planning controls.

We note from the Press that as many as 1500 hotel rooms, rather than the 900 recommended by the CPO in 1992 may be involved, and that a 90 foot height is proposed. This would only exacerbate the adverse impact of the project. It is close enough to Ko Olina, we feel, that the hotel rooms planned there could accommodate visitors to Ewa Marina.

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